ODDS  1.0.0
ODDS: Object Description Driven by Semantic


This C++ library and software is part of the ODDS project. A complete description of this project is available here: http://odds.jmfavreau.info/

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Project description

Mesh segmentation and semantic annotation are used as preprocessing steps for many applications, including shape retrieval, mesh abstraction, and adaptive simplification. In current practice, these two steps are done sequencially: a purely geometrical analysis is employed to extract the relevant parts, and then these parts are annotated.

We introduce an original framework where annotation and segmentation are performed simultaneously, so that each of the two steps can take advantage of the other. Inspired by existing methods used in image processing, we employ an expert's knowledge of the context to drive the process while minimizing the use of geometric analysis. For each expert domain, a multi-layer ontology can be designed on top of a basic shape knowledge layer, containing object features concepts (geometry, topology, attributes, …), each associated with an elementary algorithm for its detection. An expert can define the upper layers of the ontology to address a specific domain without the need to reconsider the elementary algorithms. This approach has a twofold advantage: on one hand it allows to leverage domain knowledge from experts even if they have limited or no skills in geometry processing and computer programming; on the other hand, it provides a solid ground to be easily extended in different contexts with a limited effort.


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